About Us

A Chinese manufacturer of promotion gifts with 20 years experience.


Professional manufacturer of promotion gifts

We mainly produce medals, pins, coins, badges,lanyards, wristbands, bottle openers, tie clips, cigar cutters, golf divots, stickers, luggage tags, keyrings, and we are sourcing lots of other promotionals to enrich our ranges of products to meet our customers demand.

Our main products are below:

1. Metal range: Commemorative Coin, Badge, Medal, Hard Enamel Pin, Die Struck Pin, Embossed Enamel Pin, Etched Lapel Pin, Deluxe Dimensional Pin, Printed Economy Enamel Pin, Die Casting Pin, PVC Pin, Precious Metal Pin, Bottle opener, Tie clips, Cufflinks, Golf divots, Cigar cutters, Keychain and so on.

2. Lanyard range: Hot Transfer Lanyard ,Screen Printing Lanyard, Woven Lanyard, Polyester Lanyard, Nylon Lanyard, Luggage belt, USB Lanyard, Bottle Holder Lanyard, ECO Friendly Lanyard, Medal Lanyard, Bottler Opener Lanyard, Shoelace and so on.

3. Silicone range: Silicone Bracelet, Silicone Wristband Watch, Silicone Cup, Silicone Phone Case, Silicone Necklace, Silicone Rings, Silicone USB Bracelet, Silicone Keychain, Silicone kitchenware and so on.

4. Keychain range: Enameled Keychain, Cast Keychain, Die Struck Keychain, Metal Keychain, PVC Keychain, Bottle Opener Keychain, Leather Keychain and so on.

5. Spring range:Tension spring, Extension spring, Pressure spring, Compression spring, Torsion spring, Rotation spring, Deformed spring, Special spring, Ring spring, Cone springs, Gasket, Volute spiral spring, Constantforce spring, Spiral spring.

6. other gifts, premium, promotionals.

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